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Magical Combat Mounts
2011-11-17 18:40:29

There are various gargantuan, attractive Mounts in Crystal Legacy. Owning one of them will not only improve your popularity, but also level up the attributes of your character.


When your character reaches Level 14, you will be able to adopt the first FREE Mount, ‘Dwarf Tortoise’ by completing the main task, ‘The High Priest's Test’. Of course, there are a lot more mounts that can be upgraded from this little cute tortoise.


Mount Upgrades

Open the Mounts panel, and then click ‘Dwarf Tortoise’ to display the mount upgrade interface and choices of advanced mounts for forge.


Forge Materials

You need either a ‘Mount Procreation Runes’ or a ‘Super Mount Procreation Runes’ to forge your Mount.


Mount Procreation Runes 20111116210824.jpg

How to Get it

1. Complete dungeon Boss tasks of Level 35, 45, 55 or 65 (The Runes are randomly dropped by Boss monsters in these Instances; when your character level is 5 level higher than that of the Instance level, NO Runes will be dropped.)


2. Complete the daily tasks (Runes drop at a random rate.)



3. Take part in designated events.



Super Mount Procreation Runes 20111116211143.jpg

How to Get it

1.     Buy it from the Mall

2.     Take part in designated events.

Note: The kind and number of Runes to be spent all depends on the grade of the Mount you are going to forge.




Fortune Star & Forge Success Rate

Fortune’ value aggregates when players forge Mounts successfully; when Fortune has reached a certain level, a Fortune Star will automatically forms. The more Fortune Stars a player has, the more likely his forge will succeed.



Grading of Mounts
The grade of your Mount directly affects every attribute of your character. You can feed your mount with ‘Crystal Essence’ to upgrade it to the next higher level where it enjoys more advanced Talents and higher Movement Speed.


How to Get Crystal Essence

1. Obtained by completing dungeon BOSS tasks.

2. Obtained through designated events.




Screenshots of Free Mounts


Dwarf Tortoise: Get it for free by completing Level 14 main task.


Ferret: Get it for free by completing Level 30 secondary task OR purchase it from the Grocer at the Aurora Camp for 5 Gold.



Combat Horse: Get it by completing Level 45 secondary task OR buy it from the Grocer at the Scarlet Haze Vale for 10 Gold.



Screenshots of Advanced Mounts


Black Jaguar: Forged from ‘Dwarf Tortoise’ with Mount Procreation Runes



Shadow Scorpio: a combat mount forged from ‘Black Jaguar’ with Mount Procreation Runes


Combat Bear: a combat mount forged from ‘Shadow Scorpio’ with Mount Procreation Runes



Titan Ape: a combat mount forged from ‘Combat Bear’ with Super Mount Procreation Runes



Imperial Griffin: an air-borne combat mount forged from ‘Titan Ape’ with Super Mount Procreation Runes



Phantom Wyvern: an air-borne combat mount forged from ‘Imperial Griffin’ with Super Mount Procreation Runes


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