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Share Your CL Story for 500 Magic Crystals!
2012-1-19 16:11:45

Dear Players,

Being part of the Crystal Legacy community, you must have witnessed or experienced some very interesting episodes in the game. Whether its your personal story, an experience shared between you and your teammates, share it here and you stand to win 500 Magic Crystals!

Time & Date: 12:00 19th January – 23:59 31st January, 2012

Server: All servers

Details: Simply share your experience/story about Crystal Legacy with ingame screenshots in the forums (General Discussion section) and you stand to win the grand prize of 500 Magic Crystals!

How to Participate

1.     Post your entry (story AND ingame screenshots) as a new thread in the General Discussion section in the Crystal Legacy forums.

2.     A participant MUST include his (her) ingame character name and server name at the end of the entry. 

3.     Other players are encouraged to reply with supportive comments. 

Prizes: Three winners will be selected in each of the following categories to each receive 500 Magic Crystals.

Category I: Best Crystal Legacy Story

Category II: Best Crystal Legacy Screenshots 

Category III: Others/ Most Interesting Crystal Legacy Episode  


1.     Limit to one prize per player per category.

2.     Only submissions signed off with ingame character name and server name will be considered valid entries.

3.     Winners will be selected among all entries posted in the General Discussion section that comply with the stated rules after submission is closed.

4.     Three winners will be selected in each category by XiXiGames on the combined criteria of the content of the submissions and the support they galvanize from other players. The decision of XiXiGames is final.

5.     Prizes will be delivered within 5 working days upon the end of the event.

6.     NO violent, pornographic, racist and/or abusive material in the submissions will be tolerated. XiXiGames reserves the right to delete posts that are considered not to have complied with the stated rules.

7.      XiXiGames reserves the right to amend the details of this event without prior notice.

8.     XiXiGame reserves the right to explain the details of this event.

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