LoadCentral Top-up Guide

2012-6-8 18:17:49

Step 1: Click http://loadcentral.com.ph/fb/where_to_buy.html to get known where to buy XIXIGames products from Loadcentral retailers.



Step 2:  You buy XIXIGames Coins at a LoadCentral Retailer-Netopia



Step 3: You will go to the cashier to buy XIXIGames Coins.



Step 4: You will receive an SMS/ text message confirming the receipt of XIXIGames product(s). After you have paid for your purchase, you will be given a serial number and a password, with which you can top-up to your account at the Ninja Warriors.



Serial number: X1234567890123 (The serial number is composed of 13 numerical digits beginning with an ‘X’.)

Password:T2DCENCHV (The password is composed of a combination of 9 English alphabets and numerical digits.)



Step 5: Go to nw.xixigames.com and login your account, then select LoadCentral as payment way. Select server as well as the serial number and password, then click ‘Submit’ as shown below:



Upon your click on ‘Submit’, the following window shall display to notify completion. There, you can continue to reload game points to your other accounts: enter a serial number and the accompanying password and then click ‘Submit’ to repeat the top-up process.