Ninja Warrior Summer Gifts Galore II

2013-1-26 11:56:12

Time & Date: 00:00 27th June – 23:59 3rd July, 2012

Server: Naruto


Whether you top-up or not, you will benefit from a wealth of Experience points and Chakra Essence between 27th June and 3rd of July. Yet, if you wish for other ninja tools, don’t miss out on these great top-up promotions to maximize your benefits! Scroll down for more info.


 Offer 1

During the stated period, ALL players, whether they reload their accounts or not, will receive:

Voucher*32 + Double EXP Charm (bind) *5

 Tips: All the gift items listed are bind items.


Offer 2

Even if you top-up as little as 1 Gold, you’re going to receive gifts for FREE! Better still, whenever the total amount of Gold you reload reaches a new bracket, you will receive MORE gifts!


Tips: Except for the Super Transformation Card, all other items listed are bind items.


Offer 3

On top of the gifts you will receive listed in Offers 1 & 2, you will also be eligible for MORE when your total top-up amount meets the amounts set forth below:




Sakura has reloaded a total of 20000 Gold to her account on a particular server during the promotion period; she will receive:


       1. Voucher*32 + Double EXP Charm (bind) *5

       2. Essence(bind) *5 + New Server Gift Pack(bind) *1

       3. Aptitude Boost Pearl(bind)*30 + Book of Love 1 (bind)*1+ Book of Love 2 (bind)*1 + Book of Love 3 (bind)*1

       4. Enhancement Pearl(bind) *80 + Attribute Reset Stone(bind)*10 + Super Transformation Card (unbind)*1

       5. World Ninjutsu Gift Pack(bind) *1 + Random Fragment Gift Pack *30 + Kimimaro Transformation Card(bind) *1

       6. Practice Charm(Ultra) (bind)*1+ Ultimate Essence(bind)*2+ Random Ninjutsu Gift Pack(bind) *4

       7. Ultimate Gaara Transformation Gift Pack(bind) *320 + Ultimate Essence(bind)*12+ Attribute Reset Stone(unbind)*80

       8. Ultimate Essence(bind)*10+ Practice Charm(Ultra) (bind)*4 + Pearl of Secret Seal (unbind)*4

       9. Ultimate Essence(bind)*10+ Practice Charm(Ultra) (bind)*4 + Max Attribute Charm(unbind) *2


Sakura’s transformation into a fearsome ninja shall be imminent!





1.    Only Gold reloaded between 00:00 27th June and 23:59 3rd July, 2012 will be tallied. Gift items MUST be collected in the game on or before 23:59 3rd July, 2012 or they will be forfeited.

2.    Amount of Gold reloaded is tallied for individual accounts on individual servers. Tally will NOT be done across different accounts or across servers.

3.    Gift items will be delivered to the eligible accounts and players must collect their gift items in the game. To collect these gift items, click the ‘Click to Accept’ button or the ‘Gift’ button and then the ‘Time-limited Prize’ to collect the items. (See the buttons boxed in red.)


4.    IMPORTANT: Gifts for the above promotions are to be delivered in the game. A player MUST instruct the system to deliver the gifts to his/her Inventory by clicking the “Reward” button (boxed in red) in the Prize window. These gifts, if NOT collected when the promotions close at 23:59 3rd July, will expire.


5. Practice Charm (Ultra) (Bind) 5689.jpg :Open to receive 30,000,000 Experience points; for players of Level 50 or above.

6. Essence7.03.jpg:Open to receive 500 Chakra Essence

7. Ultimate Essence5.12.jpg:Open to receive 10,000 Chakra Essence.

8. Super Transformation Card2.08.jpg:Open to select a 7-Day Transformation Card to slip into the physical form of Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, Gaara OR Hinata.

9. Kimimaro Transformation Card1day


10. New Server Gift Pack2.09.jpg:Open to receive a Voucher or a random rare item.

11. World Ninjutsu Gift Pack2.09.jpg:Open to select any World Ninjutsu Skill Book.

12. Random Fragment Gift Pack2.09.jpg:Open to receive a random Character Skill Book Fragment.

13. Random Ninjutsu Gift Pack2.09.jpg:Open to receive a random Character Skill Book.

14. Ultimate Gaara Transformation Gift Pack2.09.jpg:Open the pack to receive random items Ultimate Gaara Transformation Card, Voucher, advanced level Gem and Skill Book.



Offer 4

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