Ninja Warriors for MOL 12th Anniversary Gift Packs

2013-1-25 17:11:01

Dear Ninja Warriors Players,


MOL will soon turn 12 years young!


To mark MOL’s twelve years of service to the gaming public in Malaysia (and of course those around the world who choose to use its MY platform), Ninja Warriors is offering an array of 12th Anniversary Gift Packs for those who top-up via MOL.


Happy birthday to MOL and great shopping to everyone who recharge through MOL!


Event Time: 00:00 17th July, 2012 – 23:59 16th August, 2012(GMT+8)


Gifts: Top-up for RM50 or RM 100 to receive a FREE gift pack!


      1.  This special offer is open ONLY to players who top-up(a single order) to their Ninja Warriors accounts on
MOL-Malaysia portal.

2.  Only players who top-up to their Ninja Warriors accounts on this top-up page are considered eligible for the special offers.


3.  After you have recharged your NW account, you will receive a gift code on the MOL top-up page. Log into Ninja Warriors and Click on the picture.

4.  Enter the Gift Code to complete the t207.jpg process:


5. You must collect the FREE Gift Pack ingame before 30th September, 2012. The Gift Pack for this event that remains unclaimed after this date mentioned above will be forfeited.
       6.  XIXIGAMES reserves the rights to the explanation and amendment of the details of this event.



Please click heret209.jpg


Step-by-Step Guide to Top-up with MOL


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Ninja Warriors Team



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